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Q: Should I take notes or will I be able to store some of the slides?

A: There are a range of options including a recording and a PDF version available here.


Q: Does Cliff work with teachers and students (HS, MS) to connect these 'presentation' techniques and the underlying principles of story-telling, thesis support, etc? With so much emphasis on 21st century skills, multi-media presentations, and the like, there seems to be a brilliant opportunity to engage young presenters with these vital ideas and techniques.

A: I'm happy to speak to any group who invites me to introduce the approach - I think that students would love this sort of approach.


Q: How do you achieve the nice slow fade/dissolve transition to you presentation transitions?

A: I used the Fade animation effect, at Medium or Fast setting.


Q: Is there a suggested amount of time that one slide should be shown before moving on to the next, i.e., how long should a person talk to one slide?

A: I would say about a slide or two per minute - I had a total of about 90 slides today


Q: Who are the winners of the drawing?

A: They are listed here.


Q: What are Cliff's recommendation for formatting for 1 - 2 day workshops?

A: Use the story template to break up the entire event into three large groupings - there's a great example of someone using the story template to plan a 3-year curriculum in the discussion board here.


Q: Is there also a website for Barbara Minto's Pyramid Principle?

A: You can visit Barbara’s site here - I highly recommend her book and workshop.


Q: Where are the free downloads on your website?

A: They are available here.


Q: Will this approach results in more slides and is there a limit to how many slides is a no-no?

A: Yes, I used 90 slides today, which is probably about right for an hour.


Q: Could Cliff post something on his website about his position on corporate branding on slides so we can share it with our corporate branding departments?

A: I've posted about it in my blog here, but am working on an article and will announce when it’s ready in my newsletter.


Q: How would you adjust your use of color to take into account the various levels of color blindness in your audience?

A: Great question - Kathy Jacobs has written about things that you can do, and there's additional information from Steve Rindsberg at this link


Q: What do you think about the slide transition options? Some like them some don't. I find them sort of distracting.

A: I didn't use any today, but instead had a graphical element Fade as the slide appeared. A general rule is that they should not call attention to themselves


Q: Are sounds and video/action passe?

A: You can use any multimedia element, as long as it is directly related to making your point on a frame in your storyboard.


Q: Should each slide have notes?

A: Yes, unless you're just putting something together quickly and don't need to keep a record of what you said verbally.


Q:  I don't know, whether there are more participants from Germany, but you should mention that the book is also available in German!

A: Great point! Danke!


Q: Are standard templates with alot of graphics distracting to the learning environment?

A: In most cases, yes.


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Hi Cliff!  I attended the Nov 3 seminar as well as your May 12 one. I posted this question during the Nov 3 seminar but maybe you didn't see it or haven't gotten to it yet.  I've been using the Notes section for my "script" so I can keep my PowerPoint slides clean and simple, but I found that when I print the Notes page, not all the notes print.  I'm using PowerPoint 2000 so that may be an issue.  Have you run into this problem and if so, do you know of any way around it?  I've looked for answers on the Microsoft Office website but no luck.


thanks for your time - Lori


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Hi Lori.  Is everything contained within the text box, or does the text extend beyond the boundaries?  That's the only thing I can think of. You can upload an example of a Notes Page with the problem here to your post, and I can take a look.


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Hi Cliff - thanks for the quick response!  I've attached an example PPT with one slide where there are Notes but when I print the Notes page, not all the text prints.  When I print the Notes page, only the text up through "File names are cryptic: file names are automatically assigned by database, unique, no more than 14 characters".  None of the text after that line prints.  I often have quite a lot of notes for some slides because the topics I'm presenting are for internal technical training and are inherently detailed.  The PPTs serve as a reference after the training is presented.  I love your idea of de-cluttering the slides and putting the "script" in the Notes section, but it's a pain in the neck that not all the Notes print on the Notes page - I use printed Notes pages as my "script" when I'm presenting the training because the Notes pages don't display in Live Meeting (wouldn't want them to anyway - too wordy and distracting).  Have you ever run into this problem?






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Hi Lori.  The Notes Page will only print what is in the notes area down to the boundary of the text box.  Since your text exceeds the edge, that area is not printed.


I think you'll find that as you use the story template to break up ideas into smaller chunks and tell your story over a sequence of frames, you'll likely end up with less text per notes page than you may have now.


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Thanks Cliff - I'm sure you are right about that!  I'm just glad to know there is an explanation for why it was happening.


thanks again,




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Lori - Cliff is right, your notes may be extending beyond the boundaries of the notes pages print setup, to resolve this reduce your font in the notes page and then reprint.  You will have to adjust the font until you get all of the notes to fit in one page.  There is no "print preview" for the notes section so you will have to test until you get all the notes to fit on one page - good luck!

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