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Somehow when I was researching communications ideas in June 2005, I ended up at a web site that included your hour-long webcast presentation from May. Your ideas struck a chord with me, and I did a lot of thinking about Beyond Bullets (the concept) just from your webcast and templates. I used what you presented in developing a presentation I gave last month. The book was finally delivered yesterday, and I'm just starting to go through it.

One thing I had trouble with during the scripting process (perhaps because I didn't have the book yet) was remembering what to think about in each script row. So as part of my presentation development I took your downloaded script template and added comments to it to help me focus the process. I've attached that here, in case you're interested. It may be incorrect or poorly described in some cases, but it's how I was able to interpret your meaning at that time from the webcast.

Jeremey Janzen, I.S.P.
Ministry of Forests

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Thanks Jeremey!

I'm glad the approach is working out, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.


I love what you did by adding the comments to the story template - it helps to have the extra explanation there.  Other people have suggested changing the wording of Act I to:

  1. Setting
  2. Audience
  3. Where the audience is (Point A)
  4. Where the audience wants to be (Point B)
  5. How the audience can get from Point A to Point B

I wonder what other readers think?


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Just found this, though it was posted a year ago. I found the annotated document helpful, and I like your suggestion. When I have the book in front of me I can refresh my head on what "Protagonist" means, etc. but I like the new titles you've given here. At minimum, maybe a prompt in the add-in (like a "What's this?" button) that could cue me on what the desired input is for each field. Still a phenomenal tool, approach, and book.
Dwayne Melancon

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Thanks Dwayne!

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Hi Cliff




I agree. It's simple and to the point.


I made a note in my BBP book.



Johan Horak


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